Special Event: A Gold Night-Light up in the Garden

A special event by the Multidisciplinary Design Program, Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design at Assumption University of Thailand in collaboration with the International Landscape Lighting Institute (illi), USA.

Roundtable Discussion with landscape architects and lighting designers.

illi Speaker’s Profile

Jeff Kamm, of Wadsworth Kamm Architects, is an award winning architect and interior designer. Jeff’s practice is a that of a boutique architectural design firm providing a complete range of services to his clientele. The desire to learn to light well led to Jeff’s desire to meet Jan and to attend the Intensive course at ILLI in 2011. Since then, Jeff has been on the mentor team at many ILLI IC sessions, and he serves on the Board of Directors of ILLI. Jeff’s practice areas include commercial and residential projects.

Dr David Brearey, of Hill Road Lighting, is a lighting designer and a certified aesthetic pruner. Dr. David originally worked with Jan in California and has since been involved in many of her projects; in addition to also installing and designing many of his own projects. Dr. David has been on the mentor team of nearly all the Intensive Courses ever offered by ILLI, training attendees on lighting and the effects of pruning on landscape lighting around the world.

Janet Lennox Moyer, IALD, internationally known lighting designer has received many design awards, judged lighting competitions, been published extensively, & taught all over theworld. Jan is the author of the internationally acclaimed The Landscape Lighting Book, originally published in 1992 by John Wiley and Sons, now in its 3rd edition.

Jan’s new book The Art of Landscape Lighting, released April 8, 2022, with over 800 color photos/detail drawings explains Jan’s thinking/planning to respond to project needs and challenges covering her 45 years of design. 

In 2010, Jan Founded the International Landscape Lighting Institute, an educational 501(c)(3) Public Charity, and she is the original creator of the Intensive Course at ILLI to sharing her knowledge and striving to raise the bar for the landscape lighting industry.

Jesse Loucks, of JL Lighting Design, LLC, heads a residential lighting design studio offering comprehensive interior, exterior, and landscape lighting solutions. Designing through an appreciation of architectural and natural beauty, coupled with a client’s needs and desires, Jesse develops a unique plan to enrich the feel of the home and the property. With more than twentyyears of lighting experience, he successfully integrates homes with their natural surroundings through the medium of “light”. Jesse Loucks is recognized by the American Lighting Association as a “Lighting Specialist”, he is a Lutron “Preferred Systems Provider (PSP)”, and he is the president of the International Landscape Lighting Institute.

Kathryn Toth, of Theia Lighting Design, is an award winning, experienced Lighting Designer who strives to create artistic lighting solutions for architectural and landscape environments. Her designs improve the visual atmosphere, enhancing the unique character of the space while meeting design criteria, budget, and timelines for projects around the globe. Kathryn has been a mentor at the International Landscape Lighitng Institute’s Intensive Course for many years and is on the Board of Directors of ILLI. 

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