Design Literacy Forum VII: Transformative Power of Design

Design as a creative process has gradually evolved over the years. Throughout the history of design, we have witnessed what design can do to society, culture, and the world. Design movements can emerge out of collective approaches of designers or out of one gallant and strong-willed designer. Design has the power to transform space, change behavior, or even uplift the human spirit.

Design Literacy Forum VII invites professionals and scholars in architecture and design to showcase their creative works that possess transformative power. In the age of the digital revolution, this power is amplified as we are all interconnected toward a single consciousness. Hence “with great power comes great responsibility”, a principle that Peter Parker, Spiderman lives by.  Let us then take the time to investigate and critically see what kind of world we are transforming through design.

Successful works accepted by the committee will be exhibited. Please use the below form to submit your work by April 15, 2020.



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