The First Initiative: A Discourse in Design Literacy in Mae Salong Tea Manufacturers

The Department of Product Design in collaboration with Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design has initiated a project to establish design literacy discourse with one of the indigenous-based product community in Mae Salong area, Chiangrai provice.  As a respond to the project launched by Chiangrai Chamber of Commerce and funded by the Ministry of Commerce in finding ways to assist tea manufacturers with their product development, a field study was conducted to explore the indigenous design culture of tea manufacturers in Mae Salong area.  Students from Product Design Department were recruited to conduct 3 days workshop with the tea manufacturers in order to collect data regarding problems in design and development process.  In collaboration with the tea manufacturers, teams of students developed design solutions for tea packages.

packaging_paan1        tea       tea2


12-13 July packaging technique part1


12-13 July packaging technique part2


SRSC Plan tea 2013 Project report 8july2013

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